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This page was started in the early 2000s to publish results of the Dorset Air Weapons Section, at that time covering air rifle and pistol at both ten metres and six yards.  Since then has expanded to cover 20 Yard Pistol, Lightweight Sporting Rifle, Gallery Rifle (CF) and Bench Rest; all disciplines except Gallery Rifle can be shot with air operated firearms, and the last three with their respective cartridge firearms.

Entries are currently only about 75% of pre covid levels making the team events and 20 Yard Pistol impractical at present.  They will be restored once entries improve.

This site does not cover prone rifle, the rifle section has a separate site here.

SUMMER 2023  LEAGUES (Results & Information)


To keep costs to reasonable levels the Dorset air gun leagues are run on a self scoring basis, although you may return shot cards if you prefer.  Scores may be returned by email, preferably by Excel attachment, but plain text or Word are acceptable; or by post to the address provided in the postal version of Gas & Air.




G&A 267      Dorset League Results April 2023

G&A 268      Dorset League Results  May 2023

G&A 269      Dorset League Results  June 2023

G&A 270      Dorset League Results  July 2023


WINTER 2023/24


G&A 271       Dorset League Results Oct 2023

G&A 272       Dorset League Results Nov 2023

G&A 273       Dorset League Results Dec 2023

G&A 274       Dorset League Results Jan 2024



Entry Forms

2024 Air Entry Form

2024 BR Entry Form

2024 LSR Entry Form



G&A275       Dorset League Results April 2024

G&A276       Dorset League Results May  2024


The DSRPA organize air rifle and pistol leagues with entrants throughout the UK and the Channel Islands.

Entry forms for the Leagues will be circulated to existing and previous entrants as a matter of course.  If you would like to be added to the circulation list, or if you require any other detail, please e-mail me at

Entry forms are usually issued in August and February.


All Air, Benchrest, and Sport Rifle results are now combined into one pdf file.



Last updated 04-06-2024