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Dorset Small-bore Rifle & Pistol Association

Parkstone Gun Club is a Home Office Approved gun club with facilities and equipment for those applicants interested in target shooting as a sport.  Disciplines covered are:

22 Prone Rifle      22 Sporting Rifle      C-F Gallery Rifle

Air Rifle                      Air Pistol                Benchrest Rifle

Club target rifles and air weapons are available free of charge, and training in their use will be available.  Following legislation prohibiting cartridge pistols of all types, the Club has transferred its pistol activities to sporting rifle.

Under current legislation it is necessary for new applicants to apply for Club Membership before being allowed to handle or use firearms or live ammunition.  There is a six month probationary period, and applicants must provide a suitable reference.  Air weapons are exempt from this legislation and applicants may use these immediately providing the range officer considers you are competent to handle them safely.  Providing the reference given is satisfactory, after a brief period of instruction in safe handling and use, the applicant will be entitled to use firearms under supervision.

Current FAC holders are exempt from the handling and use restrictions but must serve a discretionary probationary period, although for a much reduced period

Applicants of sixteen years of age or under must obtain their parent's consent before using the Club or applying for Membership.  A form is available from the Range Officer, and parents are welcome to satisfy themselves as to the Club's safety before completing it.  Minors are also subject to the additional safeguards given under the Juniors section.