Parkstone Gun Club

Special considerations for Minors

As a Club we have a duty under the Protection of Children Act to take reasonable care in protecting minors from harm, and a similar duty to members to protect them from malicious or imagined accusations by minors.

In recent press we have seen both types of victim, minors who have been the victims of abuse, and victims who have been on the receiving end of unfounded allegations of abuse.

The only sure way to prevent either occurrence is to have in place safeguards which eliminate the possibility of either occurring.  Consequently we have the following rules which will be strictly observed.

     All prospective junior members must be accompanied by a parent on their first visit to the range, and the parent must remain for the duration of the visit.  The parent must also produce some form of identification.

     Juniors under sixteen must always be accompanied by a parent who must remain for the duration of the visit.  This will still apply even after acceptance as a Full Member.

     In addition ALL minors i.e. under eighteen, can only have access to the Clubs premises if two adult Full Members are present.

     If there is any doubt as to the age of the applicant/member proof of age may be required.